Home aid fighters in Coronatijd

Anyone who has read my previous stories about a day of care knows that our work as home help is not lower than that of 'real care'. Especially in these hectic times I can write whole stories every day, but I haven't done it for a long time.
Just too tired, just too tired.

After a working day full of extra clients, because colleagues are sick or waiting for Corontest results, the battery is simply empty.
Clients are afraid and in these times we are not only the ones who try to keep their home viral disease but also a listening ear and an extra attentive eye. Is it all right with madam or sir? What does that cough mean, don't single them...?

And then all of a sudden, this applause for the care. And my heart made a jump when it was said that we were part of it. A smile and burning eyes (not only from fatigue this time). This little recognition, and above all the appreciation, undoubtedly does not only to me, but also to all my colleagues.

And after that applause, we fight bravely again with all the fellow carers.

Can anyone explain why we have been removed from the bonus list? Have we not taken any risks all these months? Didn't we work extra for 'our' people? Watched them extra? Extra well cleaned to keep diseases out of the door? A listening ear in frightened times...?
We were mentioned several times and then suddenly: no, but no bonus for home help...

And then suddenly something beautiful happens: mouths are opened and petitions started. Not only for our home help but also a lot of other caregivers who have been fighting hard as we have for months and have been kicked off the list. The applause sounds louder than ever!
Whether it will help to put all those heroes on the bonus list, I don't know, but that rating is worth so much more than money...❤

I share the petition because not shot is always wrong. But dear people: don't forget all those other careers too! There are several petitions for them too!

#Staysafe !