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Wout has been instructed by his teacher in the context of home education to keep a blog about how he experiences the weeks that he has to stay at home because of the Coronavirus. A blog deserves to be read. Here's the first blog of Wout:I am Wout and I am 11 years old and as a school work I have been instructed to keep a blog about how I experience the weeks now that I am home because of the Coronavirus.

My parents already decided on Friday to keep me home because I'm vulnerable to the Coronavirus. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and I'm often sick. My body does things the doctors don't always understand. I come to Sophia Children's Hospital every Tuesday. But my twin brother is even sicker and is in a wheelchair. He was in the ER for most of the day on Thursday. He didn't come home until the middle of the night. It was already very busy and today the doctors called that they are now only going to help him with the pain, because of the Coronavirus. They can't take risks. So we're all sitting at home and we're only allowed to play in the garden.

I found the last few days very exciting because my father works in India. I was very worried that he was not allowed to fly back to the Netherlands. In the evening when I was in bed I missed him a lot and I had to cry. But my mother said yesterday that he had to come to the Netherlands as soon as possible. This morning at 07.00 hours he landed at Schiphol Airport. Now he sits upstairs working in the attic and calls a lot with colleagues in India. There is now one Dutchman of Daddy's work in India. He stays there. His other colleague is to Australia where he lives and must be in quarantine for 2 weeks. The other Dutch had already gone back to the Netherlands.

I was sick for 3 weeks in January and vomit a lot. The weird thing was that it was only transparent and no food. The doctors didn't know why. Because I missed school because of that I had at home books of Language and Arithmetic. I am already quite far and today I received my school work by mail. This is my first assignment, and I have it ready for today. Tomorrow I'm writing another blog. #Corona #Coronavirus #thuisonderwijs #blog #chronischvermoeidheidssyndroom #sophiakinderziekenhuis #school