Hooray a new kitchen NOT #002

Earlier, I wrote about our kitchen drama. We live in an apartment building and are insured for the bare walls through the Owners' Association. Everything you put in your home such as a new bathroom, kitchen, floors you have to insure yourself extra.

We have done that and have already paid 25 years to it, but now it turned out to be a problem when we called to report the damage we would not be insured for it, then again and well and then not. In addition, the kitchen was 25 years old, so the insurer didn't think they had to compensate for the damage, but they did collect every month.

Initially, we had to inquire for 3 new base cabinets. The height of the standard cabinets today is different, so that does not fit. Then we had to ask a carpenter about why this didn't happen, I don't even remember. We had already had contact with the kitchen company and they helped us. The insurer wanted 3 new cabinets with the new sizes to be put in, but that is of course not a face. Subsequently, the lower cabinets would be replaced, but then the space between countertop and wall cabinets would be too tight.

The man from the kitchen company finally managed that we would get a reasonable part reimbursed for a new kitchen. 50% of the amount we were right from the insurance. The second part we would get so that the kitchen stand, but that much we just don't lie down, so asked how else to do that, because kitchen has to be paid on time. We were able to forward the invoice from the kitchen company, but then the insurance was going to be difficult.

According to them, the amount was far too high and had already had 70%. This happened on the day we came back from our midweek vacation . After 2 hours of mailing, calling, looking up papers we had proof that we were right and we received a standard email that we would receive the remaining amount within 10 working days, so that's settled.


The pictures are from the old kitchen. As you can see, still very good and certainly not yet in need of replacement.