Life survives and hope still thrives

because even if at night, darkness arrives,

man can leave aside all the day’s strifes

and sleep knowing that light will follow.

It’s a new chance, a new day tomorrow

Untimely rains destroy flourishing fields

and no rains sometimes mean no yield

but the farmer works on for the day’s meals

knowing that Mother Earth will soon end his sorrow

It’s a new chance, a new day tomorrow

Lovers fight and harsh words pierce like darts

hurt and anguish threatens to break them apart,

but tears dry up and time nurses broken hearts.

Wisdom and love knock again on the morrow

It’s a new chance, a new day tomorrow

Failures often knock us off our ground

guilt and self-doubt from all sides surround.

Life itself seems futile, there seems no hope around

but failure actually means a better trial to follow

after all it’s a new chance, a new day tomorrow

If life exists, death too will come one day.

However we want, the truth won’t sway,

and life shatters when a loved one passes away

but we can’t hold on nor get drowned in sorrow

Because it’s a new chance at life-a new day tomorrow

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