House for sale

Mandy is a stewardess and moved into the same complex where #Leonie lives with her three children. #Mandy has a far away friend who's a food blogster, she's called #Elis

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In sale

Written by - ElisabethKitchen - TBFKALRV2

“Today I'm going to take the last stuff out of my cabin. Little tidy up and hang up the sign for sale. Are you going with me?” Elis nodded no. She didn't have to think about busting into Leonie. She must be quite a nice girl, but an acquaintance could not be made as far as she was concerned. “No, I'm staying here. You go do your thing. I'll see you tonight.” 'Okay. Then I'll go now.” She gave Elis a kiss and whispered in her ear, “see you later. Yours forever.” Elis nodded and hoped it was. With Mandy, nothing was certain in life. Mandy looked around and was happy. She had to fight the desire to call Leonie's doorbell to ask how it's going. She knew that wasn't smart. They turned the key for the last time. Walking to her car, she repeated her mantra. Don't look up... No eye contact with Leonie. She felt a tear coming up. Tears of regret and mourning. Sorry she hurt two women. Actually, three. Because she also gave herself a scratch on her soul. Three is too much, everyone knows that. But oh, Mandy would have liked to live with both the women. Together in the French countryside. Of course Leonie would never have gone. She has an intense connection with her family, not to mention her children. Oh, yes, Julia, she would have loved it. She was sure of that. She started the car, put it in the D of drive, and gave it a dot gas. Get off the parking lot and get to Elis. She felt Leonie's eyes burning and tears continued to flow. Finally, her mask fell off. Mandy wasn't that calm, cool and collected. From the outside, an ice creep, but inside sometimes an insecure teenage girl. It was, to a large extent, an act. A survival tactic. She took the first best turn to a gas station. First, a sanitary stop and coffee. She had to come all the way to herself. Otherwise, accidents could occur, and she didn't feel like doing that.
After a cup of not so good coffee and a sticky coffee sandwich she went on her way. She felt a little calmed down and continued on her way. On to Elis. On her way to her new future. God how she hates the school of life with all his hooks, eyes and pains. She gave a big spot of gas to insert on the freeway.

This story fits into the #schrijfuitdaging by Hans van Gemert.