How can milk be stored longer?

A funny and handy tip I came to hear this weekend, about milk.

Do you know how to keep milk longer?

Because milk can naturally turn sour, if you keep it longer. You can counteract this by putting a spoonful of sugar in the suit. Never heard of it, but it turns out to be so, my aunt said. So if your shelf life of the milk is not that long, and you want to keep it longer, you can do so. Unless you like sour milk, of course, hahahaha. (getsie)

And do you ever cook milk in a saucepan?

For coffee, or to make old-fashioned porridge, or for some other reason? Then you always have to stay with it, otherwise it will boil over. You can clean the whole gas set again, so that's not so nice.

You can prevent the overboiling of the milk by putting a spoonful of sugar in the milk.

Or you grease the edge of the pan with a little butter! Really handy grandmother's tips, which I also did not know yet. And you?

Photo right: Own photo of pack of milk, edited with an app