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How do I know if I live with a narcissist?

At first, it can be amazing, like a dream come true.

The narcissist knows how to read you and turn you into the person you have been dreaming about.
This honeymoon period can last a short time or even years. There is a turning point when the narcissist changes their behavior and suddenly it can be your worst nightmare they are that type of person who needs to be the center of attention in the world and believe that the world revolves around them and will make you believe that you are worthless through manipulation and try to make you believe that what you are you are because of them and that without them you are worthless.
Masters of manipulation
Narcissistic couples are the masters of manipulation and deception. They can easily make you believe that the things that happen around you are good because of them, even if they haven't lifted a finger, in many cases they will make you believe that your life has no meaning if they are not by your side.

They are prone to addictions
They may cheat you or gamble. There is a correlation between addictions such as alcoholism and narcissism, so their appearance may become more visible. They will start trying to manipulate and emotionally abuse you. Some will physically abuse you and make you believe that you deserved the abuse and you should apologize to them because in addition to being the abuser, they feel offended.

Narcissists have stony conversations
they never listen to you or consider your opinions important and consider theirs to be the only opinion or story worth listening to.

In essence, at first, they "love" you and charm you into their narcissistic orbit. When they feel confident that they have you in their orbit, they will try to control you and Gaslight you to eliminate your self-confidence and reality. If it works, you stay in their orbit under their control.
Hopefully, you wake up to your true nature and end the relationship.

No matter what, to a narcissist, they are right and you are wrong. If you end the relationship, it won't be amicable. It will be very dramatic. If you stay in a relationship with a narcissist, you will have cycles of push and pull ... Where they will continue to try to manipulate, control and undermine you. If they go too far and push you away, they will try to win you back and love bomb you back.

They will promise to change, to be better, and they are for a while, but then their true nature takes over once again. It's an endless cycle that will wipe out your self-esteem and your reality. If you are in a relationship with a narcissist, seek the help of a professional and/or join support groups in person or online. The narcissist will try to make you think you are wrong and crazy ("gaslighting"). Having external validation from a trusted support network will help you hold on to your reality and self-confidence, and make conscious decisions that are in your best interest.

They never change and consider themselves to be perfect just the way they are and if you don't like it you should change yourself.

How do I know if I live with a narcissist?

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