How do you want to die?

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My girlfriend is sad.“My parents no longer receive medical care. They immediately ask how you want to die.”Seventy plus is no longer allowed in the hospital.“Your parents were not allowed to do that,” I say.

“That is true.”

Yes, indeed. Rijnstate in Arnhem is very modern and has been working on the experiment “being sick at home” for a few years. Through the Internet everything is handled. Bad luck if you don't have internet, you don't belong in this modern world. Bad luck even if you are not (medically) educated enough and can not describe your complaints properly and the wrong diagnosis is made, then you should have gone to school instead of hanging out on the street and lighting one cigarette with another or threatening people.
My friend's parents are too old to contribute to the new society to be built. Her mother is a chain smoker and coughs 24/24 and now has her annual pneumonia again. Her father is stiff with cancer something that Rijnstate only found out very late and that the GP had overlooked. He thought the good man should take a paracetamol.

The fact that you are asked how you want to die is amazing in itself. The syringe is intended only for the pet that suffers, we find it humane. In America, that injection is meant to be a punishment, the death penalty.“How do you want to die?”The Dion pill is banned so you don't have many options. The Bahamas will not be one of the options. You're not allowed in the hospital, so turning off the ventilator is not an option. So it's going to die at home. If you do not die of “underlying suffering” it will be suffocation. I wonder if the police will investigate the cause of death. Was it a pillow, strangulation or...
There is no “how do you want to die” option or it must be that you manage to die of hunger sooner. That chance is small because if we are to believe the RIVM, more than 80% of the patients admitted are too fat. Their “too heavy” chest already makes breathing difficult. A large part would also be diabetics. They are not asked how they want to die.

Probably 55+ with heavy obesity and diabetes still contributes to society. The question is for how long and who will no longer be helped. We still have a population surplus and Covid19 is supposed to solve this. Perhaps it will become “dumb” who will be allowed to die and “dumb” is anyone who does not follow the rules and falls ill and dies without medical help.“More of your self-reliance is required”the general practitioner group wrote me in one of their last weeks letters. Not that this wasn't the case for Covid 19. In all these years, I've spoken or seen my doctor zero times. Even with the help of MedGemak, DigiD and all those other apps needed, it has proved impossible to make an appointment.