How is Sander this Christmas?

Sanders letter to Santa Claus

Three years ago, 8-year-old Sander wrote a letter to Santa Claus- Yes.He dreamed of Love in the balls - Yes.That letter had great effect- Yes.After all, the four classmates behaved like real friends after that Christmas holiday.

But then, we are a few years later- Yes.Has the bullying stopped permanently? Or was that just a temporary revival?We are curious how Sander and his loved ones are now...


Santa Claus comes back to Sander

Santa is coming back to Sander this year on his birthday- Yes.He wonders whether the wish of three years ago is still fulfilled- Yes.Are Jochem and Jos, Jorieke and Janita still friends?

Surprisingly, holidays like Christmas have a special effect on society- Yes.Fortunately, the friendship has remained intact!

Homage to Sander!


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