How the stain of sin disappears

Washing the stain clean

I turned on the TV and fell in the middle of a series about following Jesus on Family 7, and they talked about the stain that is hard to erase.

You can scrub and scrub, but the stain remains.You throw the garment in the laundry, you put the washing machine at the highest possible temperature, you use the best detergent and a very good stain spray and hope that the stain will disappear.You choose a long program and soak the stain spray.Everything you do to remove the stain; at least you think so.You're forgetting one important step.


The washing machine is finished turning.Hopefully, you take out the garment.You can't wait, because you hope the stain is gone.Great is the disappointment when the stain still appears to be there.Angry and frustrated you throw the pants in a corner.

The stain represents the sin of your life.Those things that you know aren't good, but you can't stop.That doesn't have to be serious things at all.Sin means missing your goal.

That does not automatically equate to horrible things like murder or rape, but also smoking, drinking, anger outbursts, gossip, stealing, materialism, hate and bitterness, unforgiveness, you name it.

Everything that stands between you and God is sin and that means a stain you can't get out of it.Sometimes it may be that the stain becomes less, but he does not disappear.He needs to be washed clean.You don't need a washing machine for that, but a Person and a decision.

Our stain experience

In 2002, Hans and I went on holiday with the train to Prague .It has become a very special journey, in which God regularly spoke to us in all sorts of ways.What impressed us a lot was the stain.Yeah, I had a stain.He was sitting on my pants.

Shortly before the holiday I bought a new hiking pants, a zip-off pants.The day before the holiday, I cleaned the toilet while I was wearing those pants.I was a little careless with chlorine, and something came on those pants.And yes, chlorine and clothing is not a good combination.The color of the fabric drew away.I tried to wash off the pants under the tap and then I put the pants in the washing machine, but the color did not come back.

It was not very disturbing, because it was very low on the pants and the pants themselves were beige.It didn't really stand out and I could have decided not to wear the pipes.My reaction was extreme.I had a big stain in my soul.I was furious and about to ruin my whole vacation.I think Hans was a little crazy about me, because I kept complaining about that stain on my pants...


Until a certain moment! I was all done with that stain on my soul and decided not to ruin my vacation for something like that.Hans was obviously happy with that.Something special happened.

I believed in God at that time, but less than 2 years and my knowledge of the gospel was very limited.I was full of God, though.God revealed His power and majesty that journey.The stain - my only evidence is Hans, who was there and saw what was happening - became less and less as my anger diminished.

This is almost unbelievable, but the color of the fabric came back.Little by little the stain became less and less.At the moment I was not angry at all, the color of the fabric was completely restored.It is almost impossible to comprehend and there are people who do not believe this, but I think God wanted to show how great He is and what He can do.The stain on my soul disappeared and the stain on my pants disappeared with it.

Washed clean by blood

Washed clean by the Blood of the Lamb .We do not need a washing machine for certain stains.What we need is bent knees, folded hands, closed eyes and a humble heart, a mouth that opens and says:

In the places where I wrote stains, read: sin; things we do wrong.

A new, stain-free life

If you consider how great and powerful Jesus is, but humbly came to earth as a baby, and when grown Man paid the price of our sins, you should only be grateful.My heart is overflowing with gratitude.He washed me clean of all my sins, and there were many.His stretch marks healed my mental and physical wounds and He helps me make the right choices over and over again.I'm not perfect, I make mistakes, but Jesus helps me to become a better person and not to do certain things.

He made me a different person, gave me a new life( Generation Song 543 ).

I thank Him, I praise Him and I want to continue serving Him for the rest of my life.In His grace He drew me out of the pool of sin, death and destruction.

When in 2000 I decided to sort out whether He does exist , I have decided to serve Him if I decide that He exists.I went with Hans to (what we thought then) the church.The Holy Spirit touched me deep down there, not through the sermon or everything that happened there, but really something between only Him and me.At that moment I knew it was true, that God loves me, and now 20 years later, I haven't broken my promise.I serve God with my life and I want nothing else.

I am grateful that I can and may serve Him together with Hans.Even now with Corona we still have opportunities to serve Him and tell people about Him.Do you love Him? Take off your mouth cap and tell people about God.Serve Him with your life.He will bless it.Don't you know Him yet? Surrender your life to Him and He will not disappoint you.

I've seen human lives recover completely after praying a conversion prayer.A man who wanted to end his life has served God for several years now and saw his life restored.That is the God I serve and love.The God who restores human lives.

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