How to get rich without much effort?

If I can believe the phishing mails and spam messages in my mailbox, I've been multimillionaire. Nothing is less true of course, because the only thing you can achieve by clicking on it is that you get even more spam in your mailbox because your data was traded or worse, that they get your money from your bank account because you passed that information so that they can could deposit fictitious millions into your account.

If I were to believe the commercials of the lotteries, I would have won a few million years ago. The question is, of course, how much money I have to invest first to be effectively sure of my many millions.

If I have to believe the newspapers, then as a refugee I have to go through life because according to the same news, you immediately get a lot of money and benefits offered as well as free shelter when you arrive in one of the many 'promised' countries. People who think that's right need to open their eyes urgently because this is the biggest nonsense that is still being sustained.

But the big question remains, of course:

How can you get rich without having to do a lot for yourself?

There are a number of possibilities you could try...

1. Becve an inventor and invent something to patent and hope that the invention will be used so frequently that you don't have to work for the rest of your life because you get money in your account every time your invention is used. Simple yet? Or not? I may be very creative, but I have never invented anything so that I can now retire. Well, you do?

2. Find a wealthy partner who prefers no heirs, marry him/her in community of property and get the whole inheritance and all possessions. Now only patiently wait until he/she kicks off, of course you could also try to serve 'self-picked' mushroom soup but because of modern technology the risk of discovery of the real cause of death is perhaps a little big so you can still whistle to your legacy..

3. Start with your garden thoroughly to dig and dig down, who knows, you'll discover a backward treasury of a bunch of pirates or a bag of money from a long-forgotten bank robbery. Unfortunately, the chances that you will find something like that in your garden are very small and should you dig up such a treasure do not forget that this will become the property of the state. So in vain trouble unless you want to get in the paper.

4. Fluff out thick books full of magic formulas looking for that one spell where you can conjure up money by waving your wand a few times. Mmm... I think you still have a little work to find that spell and who knows when you finally find it, you'll turn yourself into something you didn't want to. Risky assignment, so....

5. bump into a fairy fairy that lets you make a wish. Keep in mind that in all your enthusiasm you clearly formulate your wish because even if you wish you have to take into account the fine print when you make this commitment. Besides, I don't think I've ever encountered one before..

So it's obviously not that easy to get rich, you'll have to turn it over, or better yet, you'll have to look at it from a completely different perspective.

Do you want to try? Then follow these 7 simple steps and become a rich person.

Step 1. Install in an easy position in a quiet place indoors or outdoors...
Step 2. Close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing...
Step 3. Be aware of how you inhale the air and also exhale. You can feel the air flowing through your body.
Step 4. Keep breathing consciously and come to a point where you feel completely relaxed and ready to open your eyes again.
Step 5. Slowly open your eyes and absorb the environment.
Step 6. Look at the things around you, you're the one who gets to enjoy those things. While you came to this earth with nothing.
Step 7. Be aware that it is not so obvious that you are allowed to be here and enjoy small things.

You are the one who can feel sunlight on your skin, you are the one who is allowed to listen to nature sounds, you are the one who can marvel at the beauty of nature, who is allowed to feel, taste and enjoy impressions that you can incorporate into you. You're the chosen one who gets to admire it all. Who may live and (bee) learn, who may laugh and cry, who may breathe and fill himself with positivity by just being there. So you are a rich person, and the amount of possessions can't change this. Your wealth lurks in yourself, it's just figing out how you look at your wealth.