How to make hose with 3D paint technique

Snakes are animals that fall under the reptiles. They can move with their slender body as they slide. Their bodies are lined with scales. The snake is a cold-blooded animal. Most species live precisely in the warmer areas of the world. They can move either in water or on land. In the Netherlands we also have snakes. To know: In the Netherlands there are 3 hoses: the smooth hose, the ring hose and the common viper. The first 2 hoses are harmless. The common viper is slightly dangerous and a bite is very dangerous. More about the hoses themselves can be read here

It's nice to make a snake yourself. Not true to nature, but we can mimic the best. With the painting technique you see below, you can create a beautiful processed color. This contains structures that look like a little 3D. With the help of a well-known ringlets folding technique you can easily make this hose. Read how it was made?

What do you need?

- Collall Magic Paint

- Paint comb spatula

- Thick white paper

- Scissors

- Pencil

- Ruler

- Collall cuddle glue

- Wobble eyes

- Piece of red craft paper

How to make it?

1. Put white, green and black paint on the paper and distribute the paint from the bottle

2. Using the paint comb, draw horizontal stripes in the paint (move the tool flat against the paper)

3. Now move vertically and to draw dashes in width and length

4. You create a 3 D effect and allow your paintwork to dry

5. Draw lines with pencil and ruler at 2 cm { achterzijde van je verfwerk}

6. Cut out these strips

7. Fold the strips in half and cut them in half

8. You can now fold a strip around with glue and paste it

9. The next strip you put on a little glue, pull through the previous ring, and stick it

10. If you snake long enough you make the head and tail. Pull the cut template over to the back of your paintwork and cut it out

11. Glue the head and tail onto the circles of the snake

12. Pull the snake tongue over to red paper and cut it out'

13. Stick the snake tongue including the wobbly eyes


Here is the template of the hose parts.

First, save it to a folder on your computer. After that, you can print the going out!






Below are the materials used:

Collall Biocolor Magic Paint Set

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Watercolor Paper - A4 Size 21x29,7cm

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Collal Cuddle glue 100ml

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