Google mail or Gmail is the most commonly used email domain, something we’re all familiar with and use on a day to day basis. But sometimes you face issues like my Gmail password was changed. Due to which you might not be able to log in and access your Gmail account. Gmail does not provide you with an option of retrieving your forgotten password for security reasons but you can retrieve your Gmail account by verifying your identity. Since logging in through your password does not need to be done every time you access your account through personal device, or unless you log out. It is understandable that some of the users might forget the password and therefore Gmail does allow you to retrieve your account without the loss of any information. If you have tried all the troubleshooting ways mentioned above and are still not able to log in to your Gmail account. Let’s see how can I change my Gmail password through the verification process. how can I change my Gmail password
Steps to change Gmail password-
•    Open a web browser and go to Gmail log in page.
•    Click on the link that says Forgot password?
•    Now, you need to verify your identity by entering a recovery Email or phone number. Ensure you have access to them.
•    Answer the security questions and a verification code would be sent to your phone number.
•    Respond to the prompts that appear on your screen and Google will verify your identity.
Thereafter, you will be signed in to your Google account and immediately you can proceed to change your password. This will help you with how do I change my Gmail password by following the on-screen instructions.


How to Reset Gmail Password?