The standard human ethical dilemma about knowing and respecting what's his property while he does the same for other people's belongings, including the author's right. In the context of blogging and writing, that dilemma sounds like this - should I take the "hard" way and make my own creative expressions as I am who I am? Or should I go for the "easy" way, Google it, then make copy-paste action, and then push the publish button? #rethink #plagiaat 

"I don’t care that they stole my idea. I care that they don’t have any of their own" (Nikola Tesla, 1856. - 1943.)
As @mama-rosita asked me to write a little bit more I know about Tesla's life and experiences in the previous post, this is a way to do it :D Hope You'll enjoy it! :) Tesla was robbed out by his former employer, Edison, who used his ideas as his own patents and inventions. The whole world was celebrating the wrong man and the wrong name at the time. But, what Tesla's doing after is the key: he continues to create on his dreams to light the world up! He was a true ecologist, interested in clean sources of energy and their development. Tesla's dream-driven scientist who's quote reminds us how we should treat people who do not have their own ideas to share with the world! #nikolatesla 

So, if you are a "victim of plagiarism" choose not to be a victim of your mind about it, and create some more amazing content, more authentic, more "You like" stuff to share, put some more energy and love in it without feeling hurt or like it's injustice.

Now what, Child of Nature, you'll ask, how's that? My answer is simple: compassion. Those people are in a severe deficit of creativity in life! I can't imagine that. It's a prison.

Feel sorry for them being unable (at the given moment) to experience the joy and happiness of the creative process, because it's a major human blessing, one of a kind, often taken for granted. Feel thankful instead of hurt! We usually underestimate the power of our creativity and its meaning in our life. Can you imagine your life without being creative or dare to be creative in Your authentic way?

Be in and know your creative process, loving your creations even more after some time, be proud of what you make, (trust the Universe, bad Carma is coming for frauds;), while You continue creating more happiness, peace, and love for yourself - only it's even wider happiness spreading than we know - that's what I believe in! ;)

For those who have to rethink twice before publishing because "their content" is not theirs at all, please dare to find your creative flow, show the world how unique and special You are in the way You see fit. You can do it, I believe in You! :D

Peace out,
Senciurosly Yours,
Child of Nature

Human ethical dilemma - plagiarism

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