I don't know the answer... sorry

  #solitude   #poem

I don't know the answer.
Why is the question
When I see anxiety in the faces
What can I say, I don't know
I see the questions in the eyes and sorrow.
what's coming today, what's coming tomorrow
Is there a day without worries, I don't know
Loneliness tears the inside
time seems to stand still every time
just when you think you're starting over
everything is reversed, nallenging
That's where you're alone in your room.
waiting for you to dare out again
who's going to take you at hand, convince you
that you don't have to be afraid of tomorrow
who dares?


I wrote this poem for both the elderly, young people, but actually for everyone following a previous media post that loneliness among the elderly despite being fully vaccinated is very high. Doctors are pulling the bell and that the elderly among us no longer dare to go out because they are still afraid of contamination, and those thoughts make them more unanimous. I also wonder how could we have done it differently?. It started with the loneliness at the beginning of this corona crisis when one was not allowed to visit the elderly and that we had to protect the elderly.
But what exactly? In any case, in terms of loneliness, I think it was too little attention, despite all the initiatives that have been set up there. Should we not have started by vaccinating the young people first, because they have also become the dupe of this whole crisis. Not to mention the tremendous loneliness among young people. Who dares to go a different course than dangers now?? And can you change the rate?? Who dares to change the course?? Why is the dipartition not only so noticeable in the media with their messages that do so, but why do we do that to each other?? Is the dipartition not exactly because of all those messages?. What do we have about it?? Loneliness is strengthened even more by two parts. People are going to avoid each other and think “don't” and they're blunting. Shouldn't we grab each other right now and say to each other, “I love you!” But the answer, frankly..
I don't know the answer.. sorry.