I'm done with Peggy!

As some of you know, I am the wife of #henkjandekrijger aka Commander and Chief of the Yoors Tribe. The whole process of building an honest social media platform with original content is a daily theme in our conversations. At the moment I am on Curacao with our guys and he in the Netherlands (has something to do with the pandemic on the world and theaters that are closed, lockdown etc etc difficult... maybe you have heard something about that, it's called Corona, it's really one thing to say) But Henkjan commutes so between NL and Cur to also spend time with his eldest daughter.

A nice side effect for the constantly thinking and creating man of 45 plus in the situation described above is that he has no wife and small children around him in NL and can therefore spend a lot of time building an honest social media platform with original content. We speak to each other several times in a day, sometimes short, sometimes long but often about fifteen minutes.

In the somewhat longer telephone sessions where complex thinking formulas and the psychology of people at the computer are combined with “is this measurable?” “are we achieving the targets?” “are people going to drop out?” “Oh, no, we're offline!” which lasts about 30 minutes and I'm on the listening side, sometimes it may seem like I'm not very interested in the conversation. A random “aha... oh... well, well!” and “yes I follow you” he often does not know during his speech waterfall.

We call, by the way, without a picture:) But the other day he saw me... and then he said out of nowhere "I'm done with Peggy” By the way, Peggy is my BFF, the most thoughtful, clever, cutest person you'd come across. I've been saying for years “When I grow up I want to be a Peggy” So getting ready is a really shocking statement for me... well, you have my attention. I was completely confused, couldn't follow what he said and why he was done with Peggy, so I had to admit that I wasn't paying attention to what kind of Yoorsigs he was telling. Lesson learned. I also have to say for the complete picture that I don't remember the different versions of what you're going through as Yoors over the past 14 years either.

One thing I know for sure, Yoors is a keeper, the result of a lot of passion and hard work by Henkjan.