Hello World, Hi

#Iamnewhere Haha! I know right, who says that. Well, guess what that is totally okay thing to say when you are a programmer. #Iamnewhere Hello Everyone! Thank you for being here to read my first post. My name is Nelly, I am 23 years old and I am from Kenya. let's bucket list through the whole introductory bit. #study I am a student on my final year at the university studying bachelor's of science in information technology specializing in programming. Winky *Oooh now it makes sense with the whole 'hello world's ' thingy. #job Mmm! No job yet but I am a part time academic writer. Well, you know some job to pay up rent and some pizza at a local pastery place. I am hoping to graduate soon and secure a job in my niche but I will not lie to you I love doing academic writing. I love content writing; The excitement of having stuff and sharing it with people. Breathtaking! I am hoping someday I will own my own blogging site. #likemost I like coding. Thinking about creative ideas and visualising it on my IDE and boom you have an app just gets to me. I love photography. My phone gallery is filled up with photos of my cat, the nature basically everything. Am obsessed. On top of that I really like movies from animations to drama all way round to science fiction, comedies, just name them. #hobbies Huh hobbies, tough one. Okay, I love drawing. The kind of drawing with roughly done sketches using a pencil. Haha! All drawings are done with pencils daah! Ooooh and I enjoy reading novels curled up on my bed. Somehow I am tempted to say dancing , but don't get any ideas am terrible at it. #money Well, I don't really have loads of money but I get by from the academic freelance gigs I do. I with every little cash I save up so I can buy my own academic writing site. In the long term I am saving up so I can build my own home and hopefully a really nice car. #Iamlookingfor I am looking toward making friends, getting tricks and the perks of content writing. Also I am looking for posts related to #technology , #programming , #onlinewrittingjobs , #academicwriting and #personalfinance . The "it would be nice to know " about cars, pets, houses, interior design. And just an and if God wills I might just stumble onto the love of my life. Scatch that, just kidding. I am so open to learning and meeting new awesome people. If you are like wow we have some intrests , I would so much like to meet you. I am still new so, if you also have any ideas or tricks to help improve my experience here; I would so much appreciate. I am so glad to be in this community ! Welcome to my world! Am I welcome to your world too? Yours Nelly