leaderboard 31 October 2020
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Post in #iamnewhere by clicking on the hashtag : #iamnewhere
Henkjan de Krijger
rules 31 October 2020 *
When do I win?
  • Your post needs to reach a minimum of 10 votes today.
  • Your post needs to get the most votes today
  • There needs to be a minimum of 2 unique players today in this specific pool.
How much YP do I win?
1% of the pool (0.01 X amount participants X amount YP in pool)

  • Check the pool's official page for active boosters
  • If this pool has active boosters, you will receive extra YP with each vote you receive

General rules
  • Fairshare Rewards will be disabled for posts in a pool contest
  • The entry fee consists of 1 thousandth of the total YP in the pool (with a minimum of 25 YP)
  • The content that you post needs to be about the subject of the pool. For example: everything regarding nature should be posted in #nature.
  • Please do not post content that is not yours without permission. All posts should be original content.
* These rules may differ per pool and also per day.

Post in #iamnewhere by clicking on the hashtag : #iamnewhere

  1. Post in #iamnewhere by clicking on the hashtag : #iamnewhere
  2. And then on the big blue button (See Picture) : Make Post or + on your smartphone.
  3. Tell us something about yourself or what you do and we will give in return or precious attention, upvotes and lot's of love !