Improving or renewing education?

The #tuition improve or renew in the Netherlands? That question keeps a lot of people busy right now. On what basis do you base the choice to improve or renew? Is a choice needed to be able to do both?

#innovation means doing new things. Improving the existing means working even better later.
Improving is at the concrete level of action and innovating at the abstract thinking level. Do new things and improve it afterwards. That's how works #innovation

If something doesn't work (anymore), look for the problem. In education, in the early twentieth century, we have classroom education. By putting students together based on age. We built bulkheads, yearly layers and chose
be sure to give children 10 months to master the subject material appropriate to the year layer. That was economically feasible. At the age of 12, children must
are selected on learning capacity to master predetermined material in the secondary education in 10 months.

In 1929, Kohnstamm analyzed this facility because there were motivation and performance problems in children. The conclusion;

The establishment of education in annual classes, grouping by age and defined subject matter, provides performance and motivation problems for children who are easy and difficult to learn.

The problem was obvious, but over the years the interior has hardly been renewed. Schools who managed to do this did not get a stage. Those innovators would be wrong.

They chose to improve much within the Learning Material Year Layers System, so that performance would increase and motivation would go along.

Now in 2021, the problems in education are great. Especially motivation problems are great, followed by performance problems. Improvers are eager to improve the performance problems of pupils with interventions at action level in teacher behaviour and actions.

Innovators are eager to tackle the problem of the learning material year class system by doing new things. By organizing education differently, focusing on the development and learning of every child. By renewing the learning material year class system, trying out, evaluating and improving the new system to be designed.

At the level of action, this means for teachers that they jointly design, fit, adapt and become skilled in their own education.

Then education will continue to improve and motivation and performance problems will hardly occur. For remarks that first #innovating than improve it.

In education, improvement is a step in the innovation process and you do not have to choose, you just need to know which problem you are solving and at what level. The action or abstract level? You have to make that choice.

Innovating takes guts and courage because you step into the world of not-knowing. Do you dare?