In itself

I try to imagine what it's gonna be like when the kids leave the house.

Shoes that are always in the closet,
Do not wipe more 38 times in a day,
No more stepping on lego pieces,
No more stumbling over a missing doll,
Once write a piece without being interrupted 387 times with a silly question,
Go to the toilet without fans, etc.

Today they all went out of the house all five at once! Really hideous:
The house was quiet,
I didn't stumble over lost toys,
I just had to cook,
I had no claim when I was in the bathroom,
I did not know what to do with my time - I did not even have to wipe,
My writing shot so much that I had time left,
There was no one to make up with...

I hope they will live at home for at least 15 years - and in the meantime they will have a lot of fun in their tents!

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