In the attic

It's raining. It's not a lovely spring, the water comes down today with baking. The big puddles on the street are just not big enough to hold a swimming competition, if Leo and Lia had brought a swimsuit and swimsuit. But they didn't. The rain means that playing outside in Grandma's garden (because of course it was preferable) is not present today and the twins should stay in the room with Mom and Grandma.. boring. Here you can't run anywhere, because sometimes it's grandma, the other time mom shoots up shocked when the game of Lia and Leo comes a little too close to the vases, glasses, pictures and figurines. And from that, Grandma has a lot. lots. The idea of giving away a special dance show for grandma is therefore disapproved by the big people with some fear.

What now? There is nothing left but to sit quietly on a chair and listen to the conversation of Grandma and Mom. It's all about bargains, clothes and ads all the time. boring. Very boring. Like a prison. Leo sighs audibly deep and Lia follows his example.

'Ah, 'says Grandma, who has heard the two-voice sigh, 'of course you are bored.'

Say 'no' to that. Mama will find that rude.. That's why Leo and Lia don't say anything, but they do get a tan.

“You know what, you guys can play in the attic. At least there are not so many fragile things.That's a good idea, of course, so the twins jump up.

Even before they run away, Mama says, “Be careful though!'

She gets a nod in answer. Yes, of course, as always, logical anyway?

The attic is a mysterious place. It's a little dark and there's all boxes and stuff. Ideal for a treasure hunt or to play hide and seek. Those dark spots are a bit scary, but that makes it extra exciting. Outside it is still raining, you can hear the ticking of the rule drops on the roof very well and it has started to blow a bit louder. The branches of the lime tree next to the house sometimes scrape against the roof. spooky.

'This was the jungle, 'Leo decides, 'and I was the explorer. And you were the monster I'm gonna catch, so you're gonna have to hide.'

Of course, Lia does not agree. “I the monster? You're the monster yourself!'

“No, you!'

“No, you! Or don't you dare? Shitthrush!'

Leo can't leave that alone. He scared? Of course not! “Close your eyes!Because if the explorer sees where the monster is going to hide, of course, it's not exciting anymore.

Immediately as the eyes of the explorer close, the monster slips behind her way between the boxes. The bushes, I mean. It's not so easy, these bushes are sometimes quite close to each other. Fortunately, you can slide them a little. Actually a good idea, the monster thinks, because by sliding the bushes aside, the explorer can no longer pass. But that scafing takes a lot of time and you can hear it.

“I see you though!'

“I'm not!'


Just when they're each on a different side of a big moving bush, they suddenly hear crackling.

“What is that??'whispers the explorer.

“I don't know, “the monster answers, “but this is scary....'

The crackling seems to be getting closer and closer. The game is suddenly not so much fun. Suddenly, the creaking stops. Now footsteps sound and they're getting closer. Is this a real monster?? Or a burglar? The footsteps stand still. Now there sounds only a breath, a little wheezing and panting. Very carefully Leo and Lia crawl towards each other. For a moment, monster Leo hesitates, he will grab Lia's hand just to be safe? He already stretches his fingers, but just before he touches her he hears a familiar voice.

It's like Grandma: “Boys? Where are you guys sitting? Would you like another glass of lemonade and a candy?’

(c)2021 Hans van Gemert

Afbeelding: Pixabay

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