I function independently, independently of the opinion of others

I function independently, independent of other people's opinion.

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What can you do NOW in Centerparcs?
#Contentcreator What to do in Centerparcs?  - Enya Mona @Maluc and I went to Centerpacs last month and our first vlog is already there from online. You can watch this on our YouTube channel or you can check my previous blog. The second part is now also online!  We went to Centerparcs! - Read more Since there was still a lot of closed you couldn't do so much. Even the pool was closed, so a pity! But what can you do in Centerparcs? It was mainly only outdoor activities. So we rented a cart and we drove through the park. On the last day we are also going waves since the weather was nice. You could also go there to play tennis but we did not. Going to restaurant wasn't there either but you could pick up food or order a coffee to go. - - We are available on the website! - Marc & I have together an instagram @Enya_Marc We had posted a photo on it from centerparcs and got the question of Centerparcs if they could use this photo. Of course we said 'Yes' and now it is on the website at the most beautiful moments of Centerparcs! Nice is that he? OUR CENTERPARCS VLOG PART 2 - And this then the video! In part 2 we have done some more activities so be sure to check!
Turn your photo into digital illustration
#DRAWING   #ILLUSTRATION   I create digital illustrations - Enya Mona As you know, I make digital illustrations and regularly blogs about them. I like to do this and now I came up with the idea of creating digital illustrations for other. Would you like to have a picture of yourself, family or with your loved one transformed into an illustration? Then you can come to me! I deliver them in good quality so you can still print them. You can always ask for adjustments in case you haven't been completely satisfied. It's also almost Mother's Day so this can also be a very nice gift that you can give to someone! Price: €15 MY DIGITAL ILLUSTRATIONS - This is how I make my artwork. So this is also what you can expect. - - - Send me a message via Yoors or to my email if you are interested. email: I look forward to making creations for you! If you don't want digital illustration, you can also help me in another way by sharing this. I would appreciate tremendously!