Is God still healing, or is that old?

Free Book on Prayer Healing

I read on Facebook a message about a Christian book on prayer healing. The author has been instructed by God to give away the book at only the shipping costs.

In His great goodness and mercy He also ensured that this was made possible financially. A lot of people ordered this book. Free, so always nice and you can judge for yourself if you agree with the author.

Frontrunners Ministries


I ordered the book myself. It is not yet in the house, but it was possible to order it tenfold. Because I assume it's a good book and I like to hand it out to others, I chose that option.

The book is called 'Touching Jesus' and is written by Tom de Wal, who together with his wife the Foundation Frontrunners has set up. They are engaged in Christian education through a Bible school, books and much more.

If you want to know more about speaking in tongues and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, which we remember with Pentecost, I can recommend the book 'Speaking in tongues; 50 reasons to speak in tongue'. And no, I don't have shares, but I am excited about this book and this organization. The book sets you on fire as a Christian for baptism in the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues. Well, at least me.

Should we stop praying for the sick?

In the post on Facebook about the book, there was a reaction from someone who triggered me. That person said that book should be banned. He said it could turn out to be a disappointment for people who have been praying for a long time against the disease that afflicts them, but who are still not cured. I responded to that and decided to incorporate that comment into this blog, because I have a great faith in prayer healing. I was wondering if we should stop praying for the sick.

I am glad that there are books on prayer healing on the market, as this can also be encouraging for people who are sick. I am grateful that God says in His Word that He does not change. So if Jesus does not change, He still does the same miracles and signs as in the time when He walked around the earth. Since then He healed people, He still heals in our time.


And yes, I know people die of illness. We have a mortal body, but God does promise us that we will have an imperishable body in heaven and that He will wipe all tears from our eyes. There will come a time when we will have a perfect body, where there will be no disease and there will be no more death. Until then, we are allowed to pray here on earth for the sick and believe that God heals, even if the doctors give up hope for people.

Testimony: Brother healed by prayer

Hans and I spent three years fighting cancer with a brother. In the congregation where we sat there was hardly anyone for him. He stood alone a lot, and I'm not much of a talker, but I used to stand with him a lot. We didn't say much, but he felt he wasn't alone, and it did him good.

One day he said he was going to the hospital because he wasn't feeling well for a while. He has a couple of sons, but he was determined to go to the hospital alone. I talked to him and Hans about not going alone. He was worried about the results of studies he had already had. It took some persuasion, but Hans decided to make time and our brother actually liked not to go to that conversation alone.

The results of the studies were crushing. The ground dropped under his feet, and I think Hans was scared too. He turned out to have the disease, the full name of which people often do not even want to pronounce. They speak with respect, fear and awe of “K.” He had prostate cancer. This form of cancer is medically uncurable.

He heard this news in the days before Christmas. The doctor indicated that he would have up to a year to live. The shock was huge. After the conversation he came to our house for a drink. I too was shocked by the rash, but it also unleashed a fighting spirit in me.

This also applies to our brother, who had experienced some miracles of God before. He has been rid of many years of smoking and drinking addiction through just one prayer.

We went to pray and fight the prostate cancer. We believed that God would do a miracle and heal him.


Sickle cell disease

We used to go to him when he had chemo. He just got that at home, never was in the hospital for that cancer. We saw God move strongly. He had visions of God for himself. Very special. One day he had been to the hospital for another disease, for which he had to get blood pricked once in a while. Hemoglobin is called that disease, also called Sickle cell disease called. They said at the hospital that the wound could continue to bleed for 24 hours, so the bandage had to stay in place all this time.

Since we were praying anyway, I suggested that he pray for that as well. And yes, for our great God this is not too small to pray for either. The wound healed, and that brother felt it. He pulled the bandage off to my fright. The wound was closed and I could press whatever I wanted, but no more blood came out.

Somehow I was surprised, because I believe in prayer healing and saw that God moved and healed when we prayed for him. The bleeding stopped not only that time immediately, but also every time after that when he had to get blood pricked. It was closed after a few minutes.

Fever goes before God

We saw God move strongly at that time. One day, he had a high fever. We prayed once with another brother, who lived across from him. We invited him to pray. The thermometer didn't know how he had it. At first it was over 40 degrees. Then he was too low and after the 3etimes he stood at the normal level and the fever was gone.

At some point, he had to go back to the hospital for checkup. Hans had gone back to encourage. The doctor could not believe his eyes, but significant improvement was visible. He kept looking at the screen, at our brother, at his assistant, and looking at the screen again...


The doctor even said to work with God. He said he'd do his job and that brother had to keep praying. He's been declared cured and got at least five more years. He died of the consequences of a stroke a few years ago and came “home” to God.

This is just one example of one healed by prayer. I myself am cured of eczema. That wasn't humanly possible, according to my Jewish doctor with whom I had a good connection. He said, “Unless God does a miracle, you cannot heal,” knowing that I am a Christian. And so do have many more examples of people healed by God.

Finally: this book is also for you!

Among other things, I would like to say: this book can be a huge blessing for people who are ill and should never be banned. On the contrary, it must be encouraged to read and distribute.

In addition, I am in favour of many more Christians getting up and praying in faith for healing. I am not just talking about physical complaints, because psychological complaints can also be cured by prayer.

A listening ear and pointing people at the cross and bringing them into a prayer of repentance and conversion, if they want, can literally save lives and bring a total change to people's situation. We also have experience with that.
God is great! Give Him all the glory that belongs to him. He loves you.

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