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Is It Healthy To Cook With A Hot Air Fryer?

Can a hot air fryer compete with a regular fryer? What can I prepare with a hot air fryer? These are possibly the most important questions that you should be clear about before buying one of these small appliances.

Oil-free or hot air fryers have experienced a real boom in recent years. Most people buy them without knowing how they work and what can be prepared with them. I am going to give you the answers you need to find out if this new appliance fits your needs.

Differences Between a Normal Fryer and a Hot Air Fryer

To understand the difference between a normal fryer and a hot air fryer it makes sense to take a closer look at the working mechanism of the two fryers.

Regular Fryer

In a regular deep fryer, the heat from the oil quickly cooks the food (oil does not contain water and therefore can reach temperatures above the boiling point of water without becoming gaseous).

As soon as you put something in the fryer, the surface temperature of the food rises very quickly up to 100°C. It stays there until no more water is flowing from the inside at the rate at which it evaporates on the surface.

This phase can end relatively quickly or last longer, depending on the nature of the food being fried. If no more liquid flows out, the surface temperature continues to rise and the Maillard reaction is responsible for the toasty tones and the development of the tasty fried flavor.

Hot Air Fryer

A hot air fryer works on the same principle as a convection oven. The appliance heats the air, which slowly increases the surface temperature of the food in the cooking space.

However, air does not transfer thermal energy very well. That's why with a hot air fryer it takes much longer until the fries and other foods are ready.

The heat causes water to evaporate from the surface areas of the food and increases the humidity around the food. This lowers the temperature and slows down the formation of a crust. The built-in fan in hot air fryers helps to mix the drier air with the moist air, so the surface temperature can rise faster and a crust more crispy is created.

Is a Hot Air Fryer Healthier Than a Deep Fryer?

Deep fryers are advertised as a healthy alternative to frying. Although fat is not bad per se, too much is, and with the hot air fryer, it is certain that the food is not going to be impregnated with fat.

In a conventional fryer, the oil settles on the crust. Shaking the piece after frying will remove a lot of the oil, but there will always be some left in the fry, which adds to its flavor. In other words, the flavors achieved by the two types of fryers are different.

On the other hand, in the hot air fryer, the toxic compounds that can appear in an oil fryer will not form, especially if the oil is reused or polyunsaturated fats such as sunflower and corn are used.

Should I Buy a Hot Air Fryer?

A hot air fryer has many advantages over a classic fryer:

   -  No need to handle hot fat
   - Smell much less
   -  Preparation is healthier
   -  Also, hot air fryers can be used as small ovens
   -  If you like to eat crispy foods, but without fat, then you could think about the option of purchasing one of these fryers

When choosing a hot air fryer it is important to avoid non-stick surfaces made of plastic (Teflon), because this material can scratch and some particles can end up in the food. If high temperatures are generated, toxic compounds can also be generated.

What Can Be Cooked With The Hot Air Fryer?

The classic dishes that you can prepare in a fryer are, of course, French fries. These taste even better if you make them yourself. To do this, peel the potatoes, cut them into strips, bathe them with a little oil, and put them in the fryer.

Vegetable lovers can take advantage of the hot air fryer. Whether it's zucchini slices, cauliflower, or stuffed peppers, they can all be cooked with hot air.

The fat-free fryer is equally suitable for baking rolls (they are pre-moistened with a little water), pizzas, or for reheating food from the day before.

You can even make desserts: you can bake muffins or prepare desserts like rice pudding in them. Cookies or biscuits from the hot air fryer are also delicious.

Also baked banana or apple, chocolate cakes, and coulants can be prepared in the hot air fryer.

Therefore, the hot air fryer can not only replace the classic fryer but also replace the oven in many preparations.

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