Jip and Janneke Together friends

What fun. also Ineke van der Linde has been working on the theme in her host parent carefriendship. The #Kinderboekenweek has of course as a theme #Vriendschap .

With her children in the nursery, she also works with Jip and Janneke. Of course, Jip and Janneke are often used for the stories of all kinds of subjects. This time a combination of boyfriends and autumn. A nice craft and some appropriate activities next to it, really interactive with a theme.

What booklets are Jip and Janneke's?

Below you can see 2 nice booklets by Jip and Janneke. The 1st booklet which is good in the theme #Vriendschap , is available from 29 September. Take a look at the booklets below:

Click here to view the booklet Best Friends.

Look here in the booklet of Autumn with Jip and Janneke.

Ineke made a nice craft for this theme:

Jip and Janneke together friends through thick and thin. Do everything together. Leaves rake together. Hold the umbrella together when the wind blows hard.

Ineke collected freshly fallen leaves of all kinds of shapes, colors and sizes together. This then forms a beautiful fur whole. The base Ineke used is a white piece of cardboard. This is from a milk/yogurt box package. {good solid} The figures of Jip and Janneke come from the internet. I have two links here that go to a coloring page of it.

Here you can find a coloring sheet of- Jip and Janneke rake the leaves.

Here you can find a coloring sheet of- Jip and Janneke with the umbrella.

The figures are cut out and pasted on here. The surface is painted blue. The children can also draw their own Jip and Janneke. They can then pierce them or cut them out. The leaves are pasted on only one point. Then it looks like they're still winding up! At the fan image Ineke has drawn hairs upright with a fineliner. And at the umbrella stripes that indicate that there is wind.

And this cheerful contribution I received from Evi Wallenus. She wrote this: Thank you for this tip, daughter love was very proud of her works of art ❤️

Tips how to tell the story what more interactive become late is by playing with the wind and leaves.

Ineke did this to her at the shelter like this:

Wind you can make your children feel very easy!!! This week still done with a child of 2 1/2 years. Bread fed to goats, bread bag empty. Tak by looking for it. Bag to branch making and voilà”
“Or by throwing leaves in the air and watching how far they blow.”
“You can make the story interactive, by having the children rake on a {for example} bso. And let yourself look for petals.”
The pictures below are clickable!

Below is a nice craft tip.

Found at www. Kleutergroep.nl Made of a toilet roll and paper, and of course autumn twigs and leaves.

Here you will also find beaded boards from Jip and Janneke, and worktops that you can see there.

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