Pasta salad recipe

A special mozzarella had the Lidl in the Italian week. Burrata I had never heard of it and had not come up with the idea to buy it, if delicious recipes for2 had not made up a recipe with it. We do not have a Lidl within cycling distance and therefore I arrive at the most once a week and then only on Friday, when all the offers have already flown out of the store. But this time I was there on a Tuesday and there were still quite a few bulbs. So the next day there was pasta salad with broccoli and burrata on the menu.

Because I better not eat mold cheese I replaced it with Greek feta. Was the salad just a little more international. And those green olives that were still in the fridge had to get up before I buy another jar.

I don't know what that burrata looks like, so it was a look at the store. It's such a big package, I just assumed one was enough. In the recipe one bulb per person is indicated, maybe there are two in a package?

No, it is one big sphere. Well, that's really enough for the two of us. Just cut in half. I had no idea what would happen, would the cream run out? As you can see, that was not so bad.

What have we been smuggling again! But we really didn't get it. I had measured the pasta with my buddy for about 1.5 people, but that could have been less. I'll know for next time. And the feta was also a good replacement for the gorgonzola. Although he does not melt so, of course.

So again a tasty, simple, quick and most importantly healthy recipe!

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pasta salad with burrata

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