Joyful kindness

Your kindness be known

Bible study Philippians 4:4 -5

Paul's words' Your kindness be known to all men 'invariably remind me of a certain person in my life. She was a woman who lived this all her life - years before I met her -.

This friendly woman was the very first person to ever have experienced anything from me. The first 9 months of my life here on earth - because, yes, that's how I see it - she was full of kind care around me. She was the source in which I was (on) built.

Perhaps you understand by now; I think in full respect of my sweet, caring, kind mother. A woman with whom it was difficult to argue because she was who and how she was. I'm glad God gave me her as a mother.


Rejoice with joy

Paul calls on us, Christians, to always be happy. Always be happy... how can that be? After all, there is enough in life to not be happy with. If things don't go the way you'd like for a while — or a little longer — it can be pretty frustrating. Always happy seems to be an impossible assignment in this sense.

Do you realize that Paul might mean another form of joy? It's actually a much deeper joy than what we humans often talk about. It is about the inner joy of the Lord; joy in your heart and soul.

My mother's kindness was, I think, grafted on that joy. A deep inner joy and certainty, expressed in caring, humility and love. She cared about her fellow human being, just who the other was. Just as God expects His children. And with that she was a great example to me.

Follow his example


As a child, I went on search for the Shepherd . Deeply I wanted to follow Christ. I chose Him as my great example. The kindness of my mother helped me to shape that desire; both in striving and in everyday life.

This morning I heard a sermon about an insurrection . In doing so, the focus was placed on a resurrection life. And that, in my opinion, is a life in which kindness and joy are essential parts. Even if life does not go smoothly, you as a human being may lead a resurrection life. Just because Jesus Christ did it for us and lived for us.

Obviously, it takes courage to live as God intended.. You will live differently from what is considered normal in this society. You will sometimes be critically approached because your vision is different from that of the other. Then can you stay friendly? Can you then persist to live as a Christian? I hope and pray to you! Do you join?

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