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He wore leather jackets and was covered in tattoos. She wore pastel dresses and flowers in her hair. They were different, but she liked him and he liked her. His friends thought she dressed funny and her friends were terrified of him. They did not fit together well, they thought. So he did not talk to her, He didn't even look her in the eyes. But he had yet to know the girl, for she did not give a fuck. One day, she just walked straight towards him and his fiends and said; "Let's go out some day Kay?" And with that she walked away again. The guy was in utter shock, wasn't she afraid of him? Did she not know they shouldn't be together? He simply didn't get it. His friends, in contrast, had changed their minds about the girl, she had some spunk! One of them even said "She has more balls then you and she doesn't even have balls dude." To which they all laughed. But it made the boy think. Maybe he wore the leather jackets and was very intimidating, but still, he'd blush every time she'd look at him. And while she wore the cute little dresses, she always spoke her mind and was confident about it. And then the boy thought that maybe they were indeed different, but why would that matter? He liked her and she liked him, but now, this was enough.

(tried something new, hope you enjoy)

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cute cute cute
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