WIN 100YP!(Take part fast)

Just read competition 2

This is photography challenge and the prize has gone up. Hope most of you will participate and make this a success.


1. Fareshare this post and you will enter into the competition.

2. Drop the link of your post into the comments.

3. Only one photograph per entry is allowed to make it easy to judge.

4. You can describe the photo in words or give the background if you like but only one photo.

5. Have fun and you may win.

My another competition is also going on. Check it out too if you like. I will judge fairly. New competition will be going on soon in which you will judge it yourself for fair play. 


I found two of the photos compelling and they are very good. I have very hard time choosing one.

The entry by @ellesvandenbroek and @Dewaputra are only recorded and both of them are very good. It was just two entries and i dont wanna send anyone empty handed. I decided to share the prize(70-30)and share it. Hope you will appreciate the decision.

I found road to my house more compelling than other. So the winner is Road to my house. The prize will be distributed by the post. 

Congratulations both of you and don't forget to enter into my new competition.