Kimmie and Ko and the witch circle (16)

'Don't you think it's time to go home?'

'What about that witch?' remarks Ko.

'She won't hurt a fly anymore.'

'Then will you please enchant that cat back?'

'What cat?' asks Kimmie.

'That rotten apple lying there.'

'Was that a cat?'

'First it was a cat, then it became a dog and now an apple,' explains Ko.

'All right then,' says Kimmie. She taps the apple with the pixie stick and the cat appears.

The beast spots the two canaries and her tongue shoots out.

'Fly away, Kimmie, before that beast attacks us,' yells Ko.

'You don't have to be afraid,' replies Kimmie, smiling.

The cat runs past them for it has caught sight of the mouse.

Meanwhile, Kimmie and Ko flash back to the witch's circle.