Children's treat fries hamburger and cola bottle

No, the treat is not a bag of fries from the Mac. It's just chips! Isn't this fun done? It's so hard to come up with fun things today. Most things have been done before. Maybe you've seen this before. Still, I think children don't mind getting this treated more often!

What do you need?

  • French fries bags. You could ask a fast food restaurant or snack bar in your area for some original bags. Who knows? If you don't want to ask, you'll find the template below to print, color, cut and fold your own fries bag.
  • Mini fries chips natural (e.g. from AH)
  • Mini hamburgers gummis candy from Lidl
  • Coke bottles candy
  • Possibly red and white checkered napkins (also for sale at AH)

The photo of this treat has been submitted by Claudia Ruperts . She made these French fries bags for her son Jayden's school treat. That treat was, of course, completely succeeded!

Print out, color in, cut out and fold on the dotted line. With double-sided tape you glue the edges.