A brave front

#kittywu #tale #brave

From one moment to the next everything changed.

It was not that there were no signs but it was easier to ignore them or simply admit, give in and enjoy the good times, all the benefits.

Realizing the game is over, things will never be the same is hard. Flexibility has never been one of his skills. What was wrong with being used to what you have?

"Even if it's annoying, a struggle?

It was back! There it was again the little voice named instinct. It didn't die or left. All those years of trying so hard to ignore it with scientific reasons, stats, etc didn't scare it off. Angry he stared at his screen. He would _not_ so easily give up on what he worked for, invested in for so many years.

"You knew the risks of investments. There's always a chance to lose everything."

It felt as if a cold hand trapped his heart. No way he would answer that dumb voice that tried to beat him with his own words. Plagiarism it was! Those words he told so many others in the last years. _"You knew the risks, it was your own free decision, no one forced you into it."_

His anger increased while he hit the keys of his keyboard. He would not let go of it because of some stupid cheat that tried to loot him. A lack of talent didn't mean he had no face and front.

You signed your own death sentence. You have till tomorrow 4 pm.