“The closer to Gort, the better it gets” 🍷

Little tulip 🌷

Slowly, full of happy anticipation, we entered the marl path.
The stones burst out from under our tires crackling.

Our trip, which started 3 days ago, in the Netherlands, took us to Tours, Cognac and Saint Emilion.

Yet today, it has always been a great desire.
A visit to Ilja: the passionate, mustachioed wine beast.

Chateau de la Garde, yo-how we got there.
In a flash, I can already see his white car.

The welcome was very warm because of my mail contact Klaas.
By the way, he's the son of the big boss.

A big beautiful boy, with a motorcycle and a beard.
And eyes to dream away in, if he stares at you for too long.

I call it “Little Tulip”, but not because of its size. 🤔😉
No that's because of the logo on the bottles. (illustrator)=Klaas)

Hij vertelde van de druiven en hun verschillen in soort.
He said with great passion that belongs to a winegrower.

He showed us the dining room, where pickers bivouac.
He talked about the past, we were able to learn quite a lot.

In the end in “De Cave”, even where we were allowed to be.
There he showed the barrels, filled with “Gortse wine”.

It's quite a story, I'm just shortening it now.
Actually, I can limit myself to one sentence.

“The closer to Gort, the better it gets”.

Thanks to Klaas Gort & Slurp La Tulipe (Ilja Gort), it was so wonderful.
I say, “Cheers and thanks for the lovely wine”.


Klaas, Ilja Gort's son...