Rainbow felt

As a sign of hope in these strange times, I made this rainbow hanger and hung it in front of my window!


The rainbow is made of hearts that I cut out of felt

What you need to make the rainbow:

1. felt in rainbow colors

2. a surface, I used a sheet of foam but thick paper or cardboard can also

3. scissors and textile glue

4. thin yarn


You start by cutting all small hearts, I first made a silly so that they all became the same size.

I also cut two clouds, below you later hide the wires on which the dangling hearts hang.

Stick the hearts roof tiles over each other on the ground

The most convenient thing is to first stick the row on each side and last to stick the middle heart on it so that it will be nicely on top of it.

Then cut the two clouds, but you don't stick them yet.

Cut out the rainbow (i.e. rainbow and foam plate together), make sure that you also cut out the shape of the clouds (which are not yet glued).


Now sew a few hearts with a thin thread to the cut out clouds, then stick a second heart of the same color on the sewn heart

Now stick the clouds with the hearts dangling on the rainbow


Hang your rainbow mobile now in front of the window or in another place.

Happy face, right? And a beautiful sign of hope!

Greetz Lenie

#knutselen #vilt #regenboog #bijlenie