Lama dress for girl's room

You can see the cute llamas everywhere these days. You can't walk into a shop without seeing a llama somewhere: on clothes, bags, home decorations and all kinds of utensils. That is of course super fun, because they are so cute with their woolly fur and their crazy lip. Well, here you will find a very nice DIY idea to make your own llama wall or rug!

With a fake sheepskin you can make a nice lama rug for the nursery or your own room in an hour. It's easy and quick to make, without sewing! All you need is a sheepskin (fake), 3 colors of cotton thread, pompon ribbon, pompoms and a piece of black felt!


  • Expand the template or draw the shape of the head and ears after on a large piece of cardboard, paper, wallpaper or newspaper
  • Stick it with adhesive tape on the back of the sheepskin and cut out the shapes from the fur
  • Produce 6 tassels and pomponets from cotton yarn (or wool) and cut 2 pieces of pompon ribbon to size for the halter
  • Cut or cut eyelets and mouth out of black felt and stick them with textile glue (less chance of tampering)
  • Stick the ears on the back with a glue gun
  • Glue the pompons between the ears
  • With a needle, thread the tassels (tassels) to the neck

This amazing rug is made by Marlijn, the idea is seen at Kleinliebchen from Germany. You can also use the carpet as a wall rug! Then make 2 loops on the ears so you can hang it nicely. Optionally, you can stick it on sturdy cardboard for firmness, but actually that's not even necessary. I don't have to tell you that Marlin's granddaughters are super happy with their sweet, cute llama on the wall of their little room!