Lentebucketlist in lockdown

Lente bucketlist

in en om je huis tijdens de lockdown

Hier in Nederland gelden de crisismaatregelen nog zeker tot 28 april....
Vanaf dit weekend wordt het heerlijk lenteweer met veel zon dus dat wordt genieten toch!? Uhm.... naar het strand, de bossen of een terrasje gaat inderdaad niet lukken, maar er kan nog genoeg wel!!


  • Ontbijt of koffie in de tuin

  • Maak ijs of bestel JUMMIE

  • Picknicken in de tuin

  • Begin eindelijk met moestuinieren

  • De eerste bbq van het jaar

  • Decoreer het huis voor Pasen/de lente

  • Lekker met een wijntje en een boek in de tuin

  • Fotoshoot met de kids en/of huisdieren in de tuin

  • Lekker tekenen/knutselen/schilderen in de tuin

  • Bak een taart en vier de lente!

  • Maak leuke plannen voor als alles weer kan en mag

  • Maak icecoffee/frappuccino of bestel bij Starbucks

  • Yoga of mediteren in de tuin

  • Maak een voorjaarskrans

  • Geef de kamer of dat ene muurtje een nieuwe frisse kleur

  • Meubeltjes schilderen of mozaieken

  • Maak een zomerse playlist

  • Voorjaarsschoonmaak!

  • Probeer een nieuw recept

  • Fruitsalade lekkerrr!

  • Maak de tuin summerproof

Sweet styropor heart on legs
A styrofoam heart is the basis for crafting a sweet heart. Paint it in all colors of the rainbow and prick the metal feet into the styropor (styropor). The cheerful heart can be made as a miss thank you, for example.! Just give the heart a label or small card in your hands, indicating who the sweet heart is, or any other message, such as: congratulations, thanks, lots of love, happy day, success, or whatever you want. Applicable to Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc. You can give a heart every day of the year, and for anyone who wants to give you a sweet heart.. How to Make It? That's very simple, if you have a styropor heart and the nice metal legs.. Then it's just dyeing or pasting and decorating with anything you want.. The arms are made by 3 twisted chenille wire. You know, those fun fluffy iron wires, also known as pipe wires. Paint the Heart. By sticking the heart on a sateprikker, you can easily dye and dry without getting dirty fingers/ With Collall all glue you glue a nice ribbon or ball band around the heart.. (click HERE to view all colors of ball strap) Rotate 2 or 3 colors chenille wire into each other and cut it in half. So you get 2 same arms that you can prick into the styropor heart. The eyelets are cut, the decopatch paper, which is full of fun eyes.! (more info click HERE ) This sweet heart goes to our teacher, but you can see that by the label! (dyed and written with permanent white marker) Styropor Heart, 11 cm (Styrofoam) Size: 11 cm - more info Metal Chicken Feet White Metal Chicken Feet Size: 3.5 x 5 cm high - more info Viva Decor Maya-Gold metallic paint available in many different beautiful colours - more info What else can you do with a heart and/or metal feet? Made with a papier-mache flat egg, decopatch paper, felt and pearl dot pen and chenille thread. Styropor egg pasted with decopatch paper, feathers and pompons. Styropor heart decorated by Crea with kids, see method below. Flower heart making styropor and sequins - Read more Thank you, Miss, thank you! Calligram - Read more Teacher and Master in the Newspaper - Read more De Knutselteacher Ede has been working with Mirelle van Crea with Kids for years.! All De Knutseljuf Ede's craft tips can be found on the website www.creametkids.nl The Craft Teacher will also come to your home at your children's party, crafting.! Do you want to craft hearts with styropor or do another creative workshop in your home?? Look up. www.deknutseljuf.nl or mail! Follow De Knutselteacher Ede Facebook , Instagram and Pinterest Mail: ilse@deknutseljuf.nl - Want to see more here on Yoors?? Or comment or maybe post something yourself? That can! Subscribe to Yoors (free) first: - Join Yoors for free and free of obligation! #hart #heart #missthankyou #masterandmissthankyou   #valentine #mothersday #styropor #styrofoam #styroporhart #tinkering #creatively #metalfeet #creativelymetkids #homemade #diygift #loveheart #thankyouteacher
Dan. B. Cooper.
Recently on the first episode of the #seriess of #loki reference was made to a historical case the legend of D.B.Cooper. on the scene Loki recreates the incredible “asaña” that was cast long ago so he was called as one of the most wanted criminals in the U.S.. however, despite the great fame that this story had in its time today really few people know or remember who D.B.Cooper was This fact is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries in U.S. criminal history, as in 45 years the FBI failed to solve the case of the hijacking of the commercial plane of Northwest Airlines Flight 305, so they had to file the investigation in 2016. It all starts when a middle-aged man, dressed in a flawless suit with a black coat and tie, went to the airport and bought a ticket on the eve of Thanksgiving Day 1971 in Portland, Oregon, under the name Dan Cooper. The ticket Cooper acquired was destined for Seattle in Washington State. According to witnesses of the flight, the man sat in the back row of the plane, along with 36 other passengers and six crew members. Investigations also indicate that in the middle of flight he ordered a bourbon with soda, ice and gave her a note which the girl thought was a sexual insinuation but actually said she had a bomb. Cooper showed him a small briefcase and inside it could be seen red and blue wires, a watch and an alleged explosive mechanism, so the woman believed him The zafata walked to the cockpit, to whom she handed the note where Cooper was requesting $200,000 in $20 and four parachutes, in exchange for not exploding the plane. When the plane landed in Seattle, Dan received the parachutes, the money, released the 36 hostages traveling on the plane and asked the pilot to take off again for Mexico City. On the way between Seattle and Mexico City, the most curious part of the case begins, since just as the plane was passing through Reno, a city in Nevada, D.B.. Cooper took one of the parachutes, grabbed the money and jumped from one of the backdoors of the plane three thousand meters high. It was about 20 hours on November 24 when no more was known about him. US authorities never knew anything about the thief, not even his real name, as he bought the ticket under the name Dan Cooper, which was fake. The press added the acronym D.B. after the FBI investigated a suspect named D.B. Cooper, who turned out to be innocent. Since that date, the FBI interviewed more than a thousand suspects without results. The best clue emerged in 1980, when a child found a decaying package containing $5,800 in $20 banknotes with serial numbers matching those of the loot. However, it was inconclusive. A publication by Infobae details that on July 12, 2016, the FBI issued a statement concluding the investigation without finding a culprit. The document describes the search as “one of the longest and most comprehensive” in the organization. It took them 45 years. Part of the report states: “On 8 July, the FBI decided to redirect resources devoted to D.B.. Cooper to focus on other research priorities. During the 45 years of expertise, the FBI thoroughly reviewed credible clues, coordinated the task of multiple officers on searches, collected all available evidence and interviewed all identified witnesses. Evidence obtained over the years will be preserved for historical purposes at FBI Headquarters in Washington DC”. Sheridan Peterson died on January 8 this year at the age of 94, considered one of the main suspects of being Dan B. Cooper. The FBI never arrested the war veteran and employee of Seattle-based aircraft company Boeing, according to information from El País. In 2004, the FBI interviewed Sheridan Peterson, when he was 77 years old, at the time he was a skydiving sailor who had served in World War II and worked as a technician at Boeing. Peterson was 44 years old at the time of the crime, so two officers questioned him and took a DNA sample that the FBI never published, even though he publicly dismissed other suspects in the case because of the results of this type of examination. The entity believes that whoever was D.B.. Cooper probably died the night of the assault. #seriess    #loki    #mystery #legend