Leonie chases her children out of the house

#Leonie is a woman over 40, she could be your neighbor. After her divorce, she builds her new life. With neighbor Mandy she has dinner appointments of the good kind: Mandy cooks! Love also comes around the corner, with all the consequences that this entails.

The hours crawled by. Leonie had come to the conclusion that she was really in love with Mandy. Every now and then they had a little, but that actually made the desire even bigger and Leonie didn't want to be too absent for her children. But finally it was so far: her children went to Erik, she waved them out cheerfully from the gallery, with the gnawing feeling of awkward visit that she had finally managed to work out the door. No, it wasn't like that. They were her kids, but she felt a little like that. She had already had dinner on the table at ten past five, which had provided some frowned eyebrows, normally they never ate so early. She had been vague about her having to go somewhere tonight and getting there early, and so she had driven them out of the door sooner than usual.

Leonie walked back in to put her shoes on. She took another look in the mirror, arranged her hair and wiped some mascara out from under her eye. She quickly grabbed her key and cell phone and walked into the gallery, up to Mandy! Mandy opened the door right away. That immediately became a kiss session in the hallway. Leonie shot in the laugh. “What is it?” asked Mandy surprised. “I feel like I'm doing something secretly,” said Leonie. “I've worked out my children's door and sneak straight to you.” Mandy looked at Leonie. “Do you feel annoying about it?” Leonie shook her head. “No, not that. No more. Or at least less. It's still secret, or not known, of course, but... well, maybe I'm just getting used to the idea myself. Or I just crap on everyone”. Now Mandy was laughing. “So so. Tough behavior say!” She turned around and walked into the living room. “Coffee, I think?” It was a superfluous question Mandy asked Leonie, because Leonie always only drank coffee. Leonie nodded. Mandy disappeared into the kitchen. Leonie looked around again. She knew the house by now, of course, but continued to amaze herself at the huge differences between the two adjacent apartments. Hers messy, with lots of wood colours and Mandy's that was all white, the floors, the walls, the curtains, the cupboard, table and even the couch. Meanwhile, Mandy had walked into the room again with a glass tray with two mugs of coffee and a dish of mini-biscuits.

Mandy took a seat on the couch next to Leonie, took a cookie off the dish and kept it in front of Leonie's mouth. When Leonie wanted to bite, she pulled the cookie back. Leonie laughed. “Are you going to start already? Is it such a night?” Mandy didn't say anything, but he looked at Leonie in a meaningful way.