Leonie wakes up in Mandy's bed

#Leonie is a woman over 40, she could be your neighbor. After her divorce, she builds her new life. With neighbor Mandy she has dinner appointments of the good kind: Mandy cooks! Love also comes around the corner, with all the consequences that this entails.

Little was said that night. Every time Leonie opened her mouth to say something, Mandy called on her to be quiet. Of the coffee, only a few sips were drunk. Apparently, Mandy had planned to dedicate Leonie to the secrets of female love this evening. Leonie had felt insecure, she had no experience with this. Mandy had swept away her objections. “Relax. Enjoy. Feel.” Whispered Mandy in her ear. Her warm breath alone gave Leonie chills of pleasure. Mandy's mouth found Leonie's earlobe and Mandy's manicured, soft hands massaged her neck and shoulders. Leonie tried to relax and closed her eyes. She repeated in her head the words Mandy had whispered, “Relax.” Enjoy. Feel. She decided to listen to it. Relax. She deliberately let go of the tension in her shoulders. Enjoy. Her attention went to Mandy's hands. So soft. And Mandy's mouth was warm and caused tingling in Leonie's entire body. Feel. Leonie felt Mandy's hands on her shoulders. She felt Mandy unbutton the buttons of her blouse and slipped the blouse off her shoulders. How Mandy's skilled hands stroked the bare skin of her shoulders and how those hands then sagged down her back. Mandy grabbed Leonie's hand and whispered in her ear, “Come.” Leonie got up and let Mandy lead himself to her bedroom. Now she would have opened her eyes. In the bedroom there was a bed with a white metal frame with a white duvet cover in embroidery.

In front of the bed, Mandy stood. Leonie stood there in her bra and also Mandy dropped her blouse to the floor. Mandy stroked Leonie with both hands through her hair, her hands slowly dropped down until they stopped on Leonie's back and frustrated her bra closure. When it fell to the ground, Mandy whispered: “You're beautiful.” Leonie laughed shy. Mandy quickly undressed herself to her white lace panties and pulled Leonie into the bed. “Relax. Enjoy. Feel.”

Leonie opened her eyes and blinked. Where was she? Then she knew. She looked next to her in bed, there lay Mandy, curled up like a cat, with a smile to sleep her mouth. The clock on Mandy's bedside table indicated it was 3:00 in the morning. Leonie stared at the ceiling and sighed gently at the thought of what had happened last night. Mandy had let her relax, enjoy and feel! She looked beside her again, at Mandy, sleeping with her hair like a blow around her. She sighed again and closed her eyes to continue to sleep.