Let yourself be surprised!

We stand here together on the edge

of the imperfected depths,

where man has the check

and be surprised by a view.

We stand with raised hand

enjoy the cloud sky ,

realizing that everyone who lives

should be surprised by this.

You might think we're going to jump

into unsurmised depth.

But let us surprise you

with why we're really standing here.

We are cheering and singing,

because we are also at the beginning

deeply surprised,

because our drafts started all the way .

We've climbed up to here,

which is a picture of our lives with Him.

He is the Lord and Shepherd of our lives ;

That's why we enjoy His surprising voice.


Join and reward the creator and yourself!

Thanks to Hans van Gemert for his monthly writing challenge, this poem was created.

If you want to participate in this challenge of the month of February 2018, look at the introduction and the conditions, as Hans drafted it.