Today, I have resolved to resume this series of letters, after a long stop. It is useless to leave, to abandon  whatever the reason a work previously started with heart.

I have a strong conviction that I will write to you, not only during my free time, free of my commitments and my operational tasks, but whenever I have this compelling need to speak to you, communicate with you, feel you my side,  you are there and that answer me.

In the next few days you will leave not only our house, but the whole territory, in search of your future. They will be painful to me. Your absence, for which I have to prepare, will invade my whole horizon, like a gaping hole drilled in my chest.

This emptiness to which I must give in weighs heavily on my heart. And I don't know how long it will take to get used to this unexpected and unusual situation.

You have chosen to leave, to live in the United States, to venture out. I can neither forbid you nor prevent you. I respect your choice and your decision.

You will certainly face a challenge. You will overcome so many difficulties at the beginning. Under the eyes moistened by seeing you far from me, I can only wish you good luck.

Never forget you will always be in thoughts. I will pray as much for you God to help and protect you in your life.

Your father who adores you more than you think

Letter to My Treasure