Lights in Curaçao


#yoorsdecember #lights

About 5 years ago my internship went to Curaçao, super cool of course. But after a while we secretly missed him a bit, then our parents decided to go that way with me!

After about 10 hours of flying we arrived in the nice warm and sunny Curaçao. First towards the hotel and then visit my little brother of course: D.

He was already well settled here and had a scooter for rent, and some nights I went along behind on tour. During such an evening he took these pictures that I am still very happy with!

We were there somewhere around November so extra lots of lights to spot where everything was already decorated for the holidays.

And of course in Curaçao you can't skip the pound bridge that was really suuper nicely lit where @Maluc took this picture.