Living in and out of the garden

In a previous blogs, I already mentioned the mess in the garden and how I was converting it into a garden to enjoy.

Been busy in the garden last week.
The longer days are a joy. After returning home from work, first “mess around” for half an hour in the garden before I start eating.
Chicken coop ready, pickled coop.
Potatoes, plant onions and garlic planted.
Carrots and chard sown.
And Saturday was the big day there.
3 lovely lohman hens picked up.
A pleasure to look at it quietly on a chair with a cup of coffee and a cigar.
Living immediately in the brewery.

The first day I had to make it clear to the ladies where their night loft was. They wanted to take a seat on top of the loft. A natural behavior to look up for the night, but the night loft seemed a bit warmer to me for them.

Waking up Sunday morning from soft chatter from the ladies and, to my surprise, get the first 2 eggs.

Then wonderfully in the sun, given the raspberries a supporting thread. Spring heat is already sprouting the first leaf.

For a while and my children and my girlfriend can be supplied from the garden with fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and in the morning that clump-fresh egg for breakfast.
I enjoy that idea and feel like a rich person.