#Budapest Travel Tip: #Secondhand #Shopping at Cream

If you are visiting Budapest, of course you will see the beautifull architecture on about every corner you turn your head to.But did you know Budapest is a shopping walhalla too? 

Not only can you find the best deals at the many flea markets, but there are plenty of secondhand shops too. The most famous one must be Cream. If you google Cream Budapest you can find al the locations of the Cream shops. Some of them are little, but others are big, and have the shop filled with mostly good cloths.

As I moved to Budapest with almost only summer cloths (because we lived in Spain and left when it was still 30 degrees there) I was in urgent need for a new wardrobe. My slippers were way too cold after 2 weeks walking around, and a cold breeze was on its way to Budapest..I got the tip to visit Cream, and I was a fan from the moment I first walked in. Of course you sometimes walk in without scoring a good deal, because the item you like is not your size, but there is plenty of choice for every size (even the bigger ones!). So you curvy ladies, don't hesitate to stop by a Cream shop! 

Chance you find something you like is big!I recently found out that one of the Cream shops (the one on Blaha) also sells childrens cloths. So that is a big plus for me. And this is the biggest Cream I saw untill now, the top floor is filled with sales at this moment. Don't know if this is an ongoing thing, because I just found out about it, but I will keep you posted here.. 

They also sell shoes, and I also scored a good pare of boots when I needed shoes for about 8 euro. So don't leave Budapest without stopping by one of the Cream shops if you need anything for your wardrobe. 

Just open Google maps, fill in Cream Budapest and you will see a Cream shop is nearby almost at every location! 

Tip: The shops open at 9.30 AM at this point you will be able to go through all the new items that day..

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