Make your own hippie bus from a wooden wagon van

You'll get into the atmosphere of sun and freedom joy, with this cool Volkswagen hippie bus! This bus is a Diy assembled package and was sent to guest parent Ineke van der Linde . She worked the hippie bus with beautiful colors Creall paint and decopatch paper and also with pearl dots. Read how it was made?

Ineke tells:

Well, it ambushed me.! Do you get this box unexpectedly sent to me asking if I can turn it into a Hippie van. I thought that was a super cool assignment. I was in the mood for that..

It also gave us some question marks. How do I get that original VW shape in a bit and how do I put it together?.

The packaging says only “assemble the vehicle as shown in the picture”.

So first try all the wooden parts out of the packaging and try and with logical thinking and the picture on the packaging it also succeeds and you also quickly understand in which order you have to glue the things.

1. First I need to find a few decopatch sheets that I find fit with this assignment.

2. Then just google and search for images of Hippie vans.

3. Looking at a suitable image I draw from behind the laptop from the loose wrist the original VW shape with pencil on the front.

4. Next, I'm going to see how to use the sheets as efficiently as possible. Of both sheets I only have 1.

5. I start with a side. I find the blue/pink patterns of the sheet more suitable. I cut off the green parts. I cut a piece of 5.5 cm high and stick it on one side.

6. The sheet is too spacious, which falls off the side I fold up to the front and the back of the VW.

7. I also stuck over the wheel arches. When the decopatchvel is firmly fixed, I cut out a curve from the sheet on the spot of the wheel arches. What's still too much, I give some notches with the scissors and so I can easily stick it around the edge.

8. Now lay a remaining piece over the front as efficiently as possible and draw the correct shape on the decovel. The paper is so thin, you can see through it. Then cut out this piece and stick it neatly on the front.

9. This is also done with the other sheet on the top part of the Hippie bus.

10. For the windows and fenders I have chosen to paint these.

Decopatchen can of course also. When painting, paint on both sides to prevent warping of the wood. I did this with Creall Mother of Pearl Paint Pink and Blue. The bottom is green with mother of pearl. The wheels with Creall DecoTop black.

11. Be the first to glue the windows in the right place. Do this with wood glue.

12. When you like it, you also paste the inside of the bus.

Of course, this does not. I have chosen to do this. Under the windows on the inside is pasted decopatch sheet. The windows and above it is painted white. So you look less dark into the bus.

13. If the bottom with wheel suspensions is well dry and painted then glue it to the bottom of the bushing. Let this dry for a few hours with something heavy on top.

14. Now basically the bus is ready and you can add specific details. For example, a (unique) license plate, hearts, texts.

Decorate with pearletip pens or bling bling just whatever you want.

Allow everything to dry nicely, then you can glue the bottom with suspension.

This one should dry overnight. Preferably with an adhesive pliers, so that the parts are well pressed together and remain. First you glue the wheels to the ends of the sticks. Make sure the stick does not stick out of the wheels. When the wheels are stuck, slide the “suspension”

around it and glue it all with the opening down on the bottom plate. To do this, put the bottom plate in the can. This way you can see if the wheels are in the right place and if there is enough space left in the wheel arches, so that the wheels can rotate freely.

DIY package “Wooden VW Bus”

Dimension: 22.5 x 10 x 12 cm Click on the photo to view/order it in the webshop. Use the code: CREAKIDS and receive a free little gift with your order!





Nice hip VW (hippie) Volkswagen items!

Click on the photo of your choice and order it in the webshop!


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