Making funny crocodiles with paint texture

Crocodiles are on the menu today.. scare but not not a menu to eat but a cool creative crocodile craft. It's one made with paint and structure. And of course it's so nice to mimic the crocodile structure of his skin. There is a template ready to use as a mold for the crocodile. Create several and create a beautiful misdecoration with crocodiles in their own habitat. Read how this is made?


Save this template to a folder of your computer. From there you can print out this template.

What do you need?

- Magic Paint green and yellow

- Paint comb spatula

- Sturdy white paper

- Scissors

- Collall Knutsellglue

- Wobble eyes

How to make it?

1. On a white paper, apply green and yellow paint

2. Using the coarse side of the paint comb, distribute the paint over the entire sheet (horizontally)

3. Go with the narrow side of the paint comb spread paint (vertically)

4. Allow the whole to dry well

5. Print out the template and cut out all parts

6. Draw all parts on the back of your paintwork

7. Cut everything out

8. Stick the crocodile parts on, there may be a little space between them

9. Create a background that you like{ verf, stift, krijt etc.}

10. Make it a swimming pool and some green.

Below are all the materials used.

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