Meet the latest (temporary) addition of our family

We have had quite a couple of days with heavy rains, so when the sun decided to come out today we decided to take my son out for a bike ride (him on the bike and is walking behind him). Coming from a farming background, I am used to scanning the surface for snakes and scorpions, it is something that still sticks with me. All of a sudden this little fluff ball was stumbling around in front of us. Must have just been kicked out of the nest as he is not able to fly just yet.

Not sure what the birds name would me in english, but it is known to us as a mossie.

I know the bird and its diet, but if it was unknown to me, I would have been able to tell that it is a seed eater by looking at its beak.

It is still very young, so I am feeding it soft food. After getting back home, I got a cage ready for him (I have 3 cats, so I need to keep it safe from becoming a tasty snack) . After leaving him for a while to just get settled in I took him out for feeding. He was very comfortable sitting on my hand, I do not have a feeding spoon small enough for his little beak, so I had the food in my mouth (this also helps with the temperature as they can not eat food that is too hot or too cold). He was very accepting of my offering and dug in (this is the very flattering photo of me sticking out my tongue).

He will not be residing with us permanently. As soon as he is able to fly he will be released. As I do with all the animals I hand rear I will continue to put food out for him until he stops coming by. I hope that you enjoy these photos. He seems to be content with his surroundings. @AdriaanHSmith  is busy working on his latest masterpiece on the guitar (he can be seen in the background of the photo where the bird is on my hand), little bird is having a blast singing along. Trying to get a proper video of this but every time he sees the phone he stops chirping to investigate. Will post as soon as he allows me to take a video. #schrijfuitdaging