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GTDesigned ; Is the GTbyCitroën the real father of all Vision GT cars?

GTDesigned ; Is the GTbyCitroën the real father of all Vision GT cars?

But what are those 'Vision GT' cars exactly?
It's a very large and exciting project that director of the Gran Turismo series, Kazunori Yamauchi, had released back in the year 2013. With the 15th Anniverary Gran Turismo had to celebrate, it was this upperchief-carlover who had the idea to invite car brands and other multinationals to make a concept car for his game, just with the
 message ;  How do you see the future? No boundaries, just your 'vision' and let us enjoy your vision.
 Concept cars and Granturismo are a good combination that could celebrate this same anniversary.
 The first Vision GTcar was presented in January 2014, Mercedes released their vision of what a sportscar could look like in 2025. It is called officialy as the Mercedes AMG Vision GT.

But, was it really the first VGT ?


The GTbyCitroen is designed by Takumi Yamamoto, a designer working for Jean-Pierre Ploué, at the Citroen Style team in Japan. It was back in 2003 when two former classmates working together, Yamamoto and... Kazunori Yamauchi. It was Kazunori who convinced Yamamoto and later Citroën to make the car one of the first new innovative concept cars in the history of GranTurismo.

The GTbyCitroën became the signature car for the fifth episode in the series and it was a blast to drive.

 Then, a few years later, GranTurismo celebrated their 15th anniversary with a project called Vision GranTurismo. Concepts by international brands (not only carbrands) and their vision of what a car should look like in 2025, or later.

But when you look back at the concept Yamamoto drew, the bond between him and Kazunori, the innovation about the 4 electric engines, one at each wheel.. This GTbyCitroën could be the real father of all Vision GT cars are allready made and are planned for the (near) future !


But it's not only 'Gran Turismo' when you talk about the sportscar Yamamoto drew. Citroën and his designer had something on their hands that got noticed by all big authorities. They, Citroën and Yamamoto had shown the world electric powered vehicles don't have to be boring family cars . And it was 2008 when the car was revealed. It was the same year the third generation of the Toyota Prius was presented to the world. Just saying.

Funny though, this GTbyCitroën got hit by reality and Citroën decided to produce it in a very limited order.
  Just six cars in this shape were produced and sadly not with an electric drive train at all. It was a Ford engine with 646hp that was mounted under the hood as the chosen energy source for this exclusively build supercar.
 The electric engine idea for each wheel was a hit, multiple car brands have copied this idea and probably the best way to go for a zero emmision (super) car.

Luckily, you can drive the GTbyCitroën for far less than  $ 2.1 million, and you don't need a car key either. 

This artice is made with special thanks to ;

Pictures > NetCarShow.com ; Great source of auto history, facts and pictures !
Wikipedia for the inside information about the GTbyCitroën
Picture with Takumi Yamamoto > CarDesignAcademy

And ofcourse Takumi Yamamoto for such a brilliant and inspirational design of this car and his friend and GT director Kazunori Yamauchi !

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Voor alle duidelijkheid, ik heb het artikel zelf geschreven, GT-Designed is een kleine club mensen waar ik lid van ben en we bezig zijn met een enorm gaaf project, ook wat betreft het Vision GT project ! Graag lees ik reacties op artikel of Engelse grammatica fouten !
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