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Noem in jouw netwerk Mieke Van Liefde’ s naam

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Schrijven, delen, uploaden

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Tekst: Mieke Van Liefde

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Mieke Van Liefde 

Auteur en Blogger over Destructieve Relaties


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The Economy Is Actually A Form Of Brain Damage
What a brilliant title this video has! 😉 At least my attention was drawn directly. And the contents are also the nail on its head! This Geneticist and climate activist David Suzuki brings it as clear as glass. The economic principle on which we have established our society is fundamentally if not in connection with the real world, with us as humanity, that it is only destructive. Fortunately, the economy, our money system, is also just a conviction of all of us, a story. It's not real. So if we as humanity are able to create this monstrosity what would we not be able to do if we focused our attention and energy on a new story? We can get out of here, we are not victims of our own beliefs, we are creators! We might as well just enjoy the world we live in, from our full potential as human beings to contribute. It's a matter of choosing! #inlovewithhumanity #economy   #money  
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My good friend
#lgbtq This is my friend Douglas. He was my aerobics and dance moves trainer. For as long as I have known him, he has been a predilection for same-sex people, but in my country it is a great taboo. There is no culture there that understands the true essence of man, so gays are considered tasteless and even offensive... Therefore, he decided to emigrate to Spain, where he was able to consolidate his relationship and settle without fear of being chosen. He is an excellent physical culture professional and continues to prove that regardless of his sexual orientation. This post is dedicated to him and to his effort to show his human and professional quality, because nothing should distinguish us from others. Photos with permission of the owner. Este and amigo Douglas. Era mi entrenador de aeróbic and movimientos de baile. Desde que lo conozco, le gustan las personas de su mismo sexo, pero en mi país es un gran tabú. Allí no hay una cultura que entienda la verdadera esencia del hombre, by lo que los gays son considerados de mal gusto e incluso ofensivos.... España, donde pudo consolidar su relación y establecerse sin temor a ser señalado. Es un excelente profesional de la cultura física y sigue demostrándolo, independientemente de su orientación sexual. Este post está dedicado a él y a su esfuerzo by mostrar su calidad humana y profesional, porque nada debe diferenciarnos de los demás. Photos by cortesía del propietario. Traduccion realizada with the traductor