Milking cow with your own milk carton

Today a cow is milked in the nursery shelter! ( Ineke van der Linde ) Not a real cow of course but a homemade! Made of nice sturdy cardboard that is plasticized with adhesive tape. See also below in the sheepshaving blog:

The cow made Ineke in the same way as the sheep. She looked up a coloring page through google. Here you have a link to some different coloring pages: Cow Coloring Pages

She drew these on a large piece of cardboard.(Starting from the length of the pipe behind which the household rubber shoe is attached. This is how the size of the cow is formed.) Which is colored with Collall Paintmarkers.

Ineke complements: At the front is a slats. For example, the cardboard does not tear out because the tube is fixed with ty-rips

Also the rubber glove is attached with tie rips and extra with duct tape. The thumb is also secured. A cow has 4 udders. The fingers of the glove are pricked with a medium needle. When the glove is now filled with water, and you gently squeeze it out just as thin trickle as in real life when milking.

I had to improvise a stool for a second. Because the BSO boy was right. If you milk a cow in this way, you'll be sitting on a milk stool


This Colorall Paintmarker (CLICK ON THE PHOTO) is a liquid opaque water-based chalk pen for decorations on windows, glass, metal, wood, plastic and paper. With the special tip points, lines from 2 to 5 mm are possible. Set à 12 assorted.

Special applications:

The Paintmarker is suitable for children from 3 years old, hobbyists, for home and school. PaintMarkers are suitable for fine decoration work on glass, metal and school/outdoor boards.





3 Fun book tips with a cow in the story!

The cow who laid an egg

Nellie the cow laid an egg! I can't believe a cow laying an egg. And Nellie is just such an ordinary cow. She can't even ride a bike or walk on her hands, like the other cows. They don't trust the business at all; the chickens will be behind it.! Everyone waits with excitement until the egg hatches. Will it be a chicken? Or a cow?

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The cow that fell into the water

The cow Hendrika is unhappy. She wants to go to the city Pieter, the horse, tells her about. One day she falls into service, ends up in an old manure bin and floats to the city. There she looks around and at the cheese market she sees her farmer taking her home.

From now on, she's got enough to think about.

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The cow on the roof

Shon and Shan live in a cottage on a hill. Sjon leaves every day to work in the fields and Sjan takes care of the household and the animals in the yard. It's going well for years, until one day Sjon starts whining about being the only one working hard.

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