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Geocaching rocks (Swag tutorial)

Geocaching rocks (Swag tutorial)

Inspired by Doodlestones I've started making georocks.
Fast to make, not expensive and fun to find as swag for geocaching.

Short tutorial for drawing or painting on rocks.
Painting with brushes takes some time. Working with markers is fast.


Depending where you live you can find them at the beach, moutains or near rivers.

Nothing in your neighbourhood?
 Have a look at a garden shop.

For text flat stones are the best.
Sturdier and odd shaped stones transfer well into animals.

Both light and dark coloured stones are usefull.


Permanent markers are available in black, red, green and blue in most office bookstores.
In craftsstores more colours can be bought.
Markers come in various width and dry quickly.

Most bookstores sell also white paintmarkers.
White paint markers gives a nice effect on stones.
Be aware to shake them before use. They really leave a type of paint and it takes a litle longer to dry.

Just start with markers you have available.
Sharpies will do.


General craft paint will do.

Take your time and let base layers dry completely.
For large areas you can use a brush.
Details with a small brush takes practice.

Special paint markers makes drawing details a lot easier. 

I can recommand a set of Posca markers!
They have many, many colours and lots of different widths!
Easy to work with and great results.


Start simple, for example with quotes.

Take a simple drawing or look for an example of a painted rock or doodlestone online and just try to reproduce it.

If you want to make an exact copy of a drawing you can use carbon paper to transfer the image on the stone. Trace the image and start colouring.

Mandala patterns do very well on stones.

Real artistic cachers can easily start from scratch.

If you like you can finish your stones  with Modpodge or varnish.

Quick picture of the Posca markers.

They work on a lot of different materials.

Would you like to see more geocache swag ideas?

Look at this Pinterest board.

I'm looking forward to find your georocks!
Millieballon from the Netherlands

Prince Fluffy Kareem
Great looking rocks.
15-10-2017 17:48
15-10-2017 17:48 • Reageer
ook al erg leuk!
14-10-2017 14:30
14-10-2017 14:30 • Reageer
Mooie blog groetjes an creatief
26-07-2017 23:35
26-07-2017 23:35 • Reageer
oh dat is kei leuk!
06-07-2017 12:36
06-07-2017 12:36 • Reageer
Super leuk idee!
05-05-2017 10:34
05-05-2017 10:34 • Reageer
Leuk ook mooi voor scouting
16-04-2017 15:33
16-04-2017 15:33 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Zeker, je kan het aan diverse bezigheden aanpassen.
16-04-2017 15:39
16-04-2017 15:39 • Reageer
Patricia Poppe
leuk hé, je brengt me op ideeën :)
10-04-2017 19:37
10-04-2017 19:37 • 1 reactie • Reageer
Helemaal goed.
10-04-2017 19:50
10-04-2017 19:50 • Reageer